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Price: $700.00

RL, RM  Hussmann Impact Reach-Ins for Frozen Food, Ice Cream and Medium Temp Products

Vitrinas Exibidoras para Sodas y Para Producto Congelado

Brand: Hussmann 

Mfg. date: 2004


700.00 Per Door

100 Doors Available

Used, In Good Condition


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RL   Low Temp Reach-In (Frozen Food or Ice Cream) 
RM  Medium Temp Reach-In RMF

Now With "Innovator" or "Innovator II" Glass Doors

All Impact reach-ins are now available with Innovator or Innovator II glass doors, providing greater energy efficiency, better lighting, and easier maintenance than traditional glass doors.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Hussmann reach-ins with Innovator doors are now 20% more energy efficient than previous models. Innovator II glass doors increase the improvement to 35% when compared to reach-ins with traditional doors. This can mean a substantial reduction in your energy bill.

Superior Lighting

Hussmann uses 58 watt lamps and custom anti-arc electronic ballasts to produce better illumination and a more reliable lighting system. Illumination is more than 40% greater with Innovator or Innovator II doors. Also, lamps are not overdriven, and last longer before replacement is needed. A faceted lens, optimized for the Impact RL merchandiser, focuses light on the product, even in "shop down" conditions.

Improved Reliability

The balanced lighting system is designed for reliable, trouble-free performance. A one piece molded door increases strength. A rugged, one piece door hold-open is made of heavy gauge spring steel. A solid, ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, warm grip.

Simplified Maintenance

• Easy access electrical raceway
• No heater wires in door perimeter to burn out  (with Innovator doors)
• No heater wires in door perimeter or glass (with Innovator II doors)
• No busbar connectors inside glass pack to fail (with Innovator doors)